[S-CHN] Pokémon Display - "Ancient Martial Arts: Torrent" (SC3b)

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Das Pokemon Display Ancient Martial Arts: Overgrow, frontal&schräg als Hauptbild, mit der Flagge Chinas in der Ecke.Das Pokemon Display Ancient Martial Arts: Torrent, frontal&schräg als Hauptbild, mit der Flagge Chinas in der Ecke.

Product description

Discover now the "Ancient Martial Arts" (Chn: 洪荒演武) set in simplified Chinese. It is divided into Set A: "Overgrow" (Chn: 茂) and Set B: "Torrent" (Chn: 激). It represents an expansion in the Sword & Shield era .

The Pokémon Company came up with its unique display design for the Chinese market.

The set is based on the very popular "Battle Styles" Sword & Shield expansion from 2020.

Set B focuses on cards with the "Flowing Attack" ability. Here you will find powerful cards that will help you defeat your opponents. This is a perfect opportunity for your collection if you missed the 2020 release !


  • 6x Booster Packs "Ancient Martial Arts: Torrent" (SC3b)
  • 25 cards per booster pack
  • Of the 25 cards, 5 cards of Rare or higher rarity are guaranteed


Language: Simplified Chinese

All Pokémon cards in Chinese are Made in Japan and share the fantastic quality with the Japanese cards , something that English and German cards can only dream of!

All products are 100% original, sealed and unweighted !


The return of products that have already been opened is excluded.

Not suitable for children under 6 years !

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