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Die Pokemon Box Auquana (CSH1) in Blau, frontal&schräg als Hauptbild, mit dem Bild Chinas als rundes Icon in der Ecke.Die Pokemon Box Blitza (CSH2) in gelb, frontal&schräg als Hauptbild, mit dem Bild Chinas als rundes Icon in der Ecke.Die rote Pokemon Box im Flamara Design (CSH3), frontal&schräg als Hauptbild, mit der Flagge Chinas in der Ecke.

Product description

The stunning Aquana Pokemon Box is a real eye-catcher! In a beautiful design , just like the contents! The attention to detail is definitely evident here, see the Aquana themed logo !

In this box you not only get the long-awaited Chinese "Evolving Skies" booster pack, but also the Chinese "Fusion Strike" ! The latest Chinese Pokemon booster "Final Flame Dance" is also included.

Additionally, you will receive 3x promo Aquana cards and accessories in Aquana and Eeveelution design !

In the "Nine Colors Gathering; Friend" booster pack you have the chance to get the Alternate Art Umbreon!


  • 3x Aquana Promo Cards
  • 1x Eeveelutions play mat
  • 1x Eeveelutions Card Box
  • 1x pack of Aquana card sleeves (total 64 pieces)
  • 1x Aquana Binder
  • 3x Jumbo Booster Packs "Nine Colors Gathering: Friend" (CS4a)
  • 3x Jumbo Booster Packs "Nine Colors Gathering: Origin" (CS4b)
  • 2x Booster Packs "Final Flame Dance" (CS4.5)


Language: Simplified Chinese

All Pokémon cards in Chinese are Made in Japan and share the fantastic quality with the Japanese cards, something that the English and German cards can only dream of!

All products are 100% original, sealed and unweighted !


The return of products that have already been opened is excluded.

Not suitable for children under 6 years !


About "Nine Colors Gathering: Friend & Origin"

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