[T-CHN] Pokémon Display - "Double Burst: Double Blaze" (AS5b)

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The Chinese Pokemon Display "Double Burst: Double Blaze" is the same as the Japanese one (SM10) , only with a slightly different display design. In German, the Tag Team GX sets were in "Teams are Trumps", "Powers in Unity" and
" Team up","Unbroken Bonds", "Unified Minds" ).

Overall, the card list is very similar to the Japanese "Double Blaze", but not entirely identical. A few cards have sneaked into Set A "Double Burst: Tag Bolt" (AS5a) and vice versa.

The set focuses on the Pokémon Tag Team Gx cards and is set in the Sun & Moon era.

If you missed the release of "Double Blaze" in Japan, this is your chance to buy the Pokémon display.

The Tag Team Gx sets have also been released in simplified Chinese.


  • 30x Booster Packs "Double Burst: Double Blaze" (AS5b)
  • 6x cards per booster pack


Language: Traditional Chinese

All Pokémon cards in Chinese are Made in Japan and share the fantastic quality with the Japanese cards , something that English and German cards can only dream of!

All products are 100% original, new and unweighted !


The return of products that have already been opened is excluded.

Not suitable for children under 6 years !

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